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who we are?

we are the most consolidated manufacturer of insoles for footwear in the Spanish market

Our company has more than 40 years of experience in making insoles, meeting the market and client needs. Due to the knowledge and expertise of our team, we have become a national reference as a supplier of quality insoles.

Comercial Sambles, S.L. is present in the market under its brands name TIEBER and SANTY. The brands’ mission is to offer to its clients a wide range of possibilities of high quality insoles.

TIEBER strives constantly towards innovation and the improvement of the quality of its products. For this purpose, we have the most advanced technology, being able to produce more than 5.000.000 pairs a year.

We can produce any type of insole that our clients need. For this, we have a wide variety of molds and machinery.

Our exhaustive quality inspections and the carefully selected raw materials guarantee the highest quality and security for our clients.


“To provide solutions for a global footwear industry”.


  • To Excel in our work to meet the expectations of our customers and quality standards. For this we rely on innovation, high technology and ongoing training.
  • The best solutions arise from TEAM WORK with the client and colleagues. We like to collaborate with the client, to promote their development together. For this, it is necessary to establish a strong relationship, respect and to share knowledge, experience, resources and opportunities.
  • We constantly work to offer the best SERVICE to our clients. To be able to guarantee a high quality service we supervise the delivery times, we make exhaustive quality controls, we keep in contact regularly with our clients and suppliers and we have the facilities and infrastructures that allow us to successfully compete in the international market.


Our human team is made up of highly experienced professionals in this sector. We all share the same motivation, the passion of satisfying our customers.

Tieber – The most important… the insole of your footwear!
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